Ministry of Freedom Review – Is it a scam?

Ministry of Freedom Review – My journey!

I recently purchased this Jono Armstrong course after being bombarded with youtube ads and eventually succumbing to the sales glitz and big promises. I am typically very skeptical about any of these products and so before I purchased anything, I searched High and Low for an honest review to see if my money would be well spent or whether or not this was just another money making scheme, pushing me to part with my heard earned cash. As hard as I tried, I could barely find anything negative which is a first, the worst being a 3 star rating from someone who seemed to be disgruntled over a technical issue. Whats more, everyone I engaged with via youtube reviews or other sources, had amazing things to say and raved about both the service received as well as the course itself. Some of the more negative feedback being that it took longer to earn back their dough than expected but ultimately, had become profitable in a reasonable amount of time. I eventually took the plunge and purchased the product.

Ministry of Freedom Scam

First impressions were positive and for the most part, Jono Armstrong appears to be extremely open and honest about everything. His natural and almost “flawed” approach provides comfort in the knowledge that he is just like you and me, and not some rock star milking the masses out of an honest living.

The next noteworthy discovery is the sheer abundance of support and community involved with this course, to the extent that you feel as if you are now part of the inner circle and part of a community of like-minded individuals (even though almost everyone is from a completely different walk of life). Unlike other products that I have tried, support was available at all times, this includes random times at odd hours, and over weekends when the support channels are supposedly closed.

When first purchasing, I felt as though I was spending too much of my hard-earned money and that I was taking a huge risk. After a day however, I realized that I had received great value, even if I made no money back directly through the course itself. This is because of the fact that you will be learning so much in real-world value, providing you with the knowledge & tools to make money in so many ways, not just through the suggested methods. If you consider how much a 3 year university course will set you back (or even 1 Year), this course is a fraction of the cost, and combines the experience and tutorship of many marketing Guru’s who have learnt these things the hard way. This is all pre-packaged and delivered to you to absorb in a matter of months.

This leads me to one small criticism: With certain parts of the course I found that the  organization of the media and workflows could occasionally be better and clearer. This is a however mostly due to the sheer abundance of information packaged in the product and is understandable to an extent.

Overall, I Ministry of Freedom Reviewhave been super impressed and feel that it has been money well spent, opening up doors and opportunities that I did not even consider previously. Be warned though, you will most-likely not be sitting on a beach earning tens of thousands of dollars in the first few months, to get there will take plenty of hard work and dedication, but its definitely do-able. If you do have the right mindset and work ethic, I would definitely recommend the course, especially if you are looking to make some changes to your life and create new opportunities for yourself. You will need to work hard, but like me, I am sure you will enjoy every second of the journey!

Thank you for reading my Ministry of Freedom Review.  If you do decide to purchase or take a look at the course, you can do so through the link below.

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