Host a website from home – completely free!

Today i’m going to be explaining to you how to host a website from home, on your own pc or mac computer, completely free of charge. You can do this on a windows box, you can do it on a apple mac computer or a even a linux machine. You will need to download a piece of software that’s free and you’ll be able to get the site set up in no time. In my next post I will show you how to get a free domain pointing to your site and you’ll be able to then access the site from outside your network. (Other people will be able to access it). For now we can create the site and begin adding content and design elements so that its ready to go live before the next step.

How to Host a website from HomeIt’s a pretty straightforward process and you’re going to need to download a product called ampps. The Ampps download link doesn’t seem to be working at the moment but you can download it here. This free app is ad free and is a decent, clean bit of software. Just download and install. You will be prompted to click next a few times and you should be ready to go in less than a minute.

Once completed, open up the software and you should see the interface open on the bottom right of your screen. Ensure all processes are set to “on” by toggling the switches and its now time to setup your very own website from home. When you’re ready, click on the central “home” button  at the top of the applet and this is going to take you to your your main setup screen. Here you can add custom passwords and secure your portal which I suggest you do at some stage to secure your site and backend. You can even setup an ftp site if required at a later stage.

You will also notice a whole bunch of dropdown menus and tabs on the left with an insane amount of software and add-ons. Most of this is absolutely free and you will find some very useful tools to use at a later stage. For now, don’t bother setting up anything else or even adding a domain just yet. Simply click on the first “blogs” tab at the top and select the “wordpress” option.

This will take you to the worpdress installation screen, the same as you’ll see when hosting with a normal provider or web host. Go through the options and customize your site as you would like. You will notice the domain option set to which is targeting your local computer. Once you create and add your custom domain (which I will walk you through in my next post), this drop-down option will allow you to change accordingly. It is advisable to remove the “wp” text at the end of the domain address so that your web address displays the root domain/site in a pleasing way.

I do suggest putting a decent username and password on the site backend as you will need as much security as you can get and this is always advisable. When ready and you have filled our the required options, simply click install at the bottom of the screen. The installation process should be done in about 10 to 20 seconds maximum your website should then already be up and running. Clicking on the links provided will take you directly to the initial site as well as your backend where you can start customization and getting properly setup. My first port of call is usually the themes area so that you can start on a good foot and not change everything at a later stage after you’ve added your content and plugins.

You will notice in the download provided for ampps there is a folder called Graphene which is a free wordpress theme that I have included to help you get started. I really love this theme as it allows you to fully customize almost every element of your site and is much more flexible than many of the free options available. Here is an example of a site that I created with this theme: Graphene Site

If you want to host a website from home, some things to note are regarding your internet speeds and home setup. If you don’t have a great internet connection then this is something to consider as this speed & service will affect incoming traffic and how others view your site. Another factor to consider is that the site being up is dependent on your computer being online and running at all times. For this reason it may not be advisable to run your site from a notebook as powering off or moving around will take your website offline. The pro’s are that its free and that you have full control of your site, the media and storage. Management, uploading content and other customizations are far quicker and simpler but you need to decide if you want the responsibility of managing the site.

While you have now successfully created and are hosting your own website, you will notice that you are not able to access it from the internet just yet. As mentioned, my next blog will explain how to add a free domain and get ready to take your site live.

For a more detailed tutorial, you can view my video tutorial below on this exact process. Please Subscribe to my channel so that you can be notified of the next video about the domain setup and more awesome content. Alternatively click the sign-up link here or on the right of the page to be added to our mailing list.

Otherwise, I hope this walkthrough was helpful. Thank you for reading my tutorial on How to host a website from home.  Good luck with your website creation!

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