Get a Free Domain for your Website – Let me tell you how!

Today i’ll take you through a step-by-step guide to tell you how to get a free domain for your website. For those of you who missed my last post or youtube tutorial,
I walked you through and showed you how to set up and host your own website for free from home using software on your windows desktop your mac, or even your linux machine.
Now we’re going to grab a free domain name and you’re going to point it to your website. There will be another step involved which I will explain in my next blog or you can watch my video tutorial here.
In the next one I will show you how to set up your home router and your home device to gain access to your site from outside your home network, essentially giving access from the internet.
In most cases your website or your your home internet your home network will be blocked with a firewall so it’s just a quick tutorial on how to allow access through that firewall to your very own site.
There are some pros and cons to doing this, once again highlighted in a previous video/blog
Now let’s get into adding this custom domain to your site and you will be up and running in no time. There are quite a few services out there that provide a way to do this. The one I have chosen is called Dynu and its a free dynamic dns service. Another more popular one that you may have heard of is called “dyndns” which is widely used however is now a paid service.  This will only set you back about $25 per year but there are perfectly good free options out there as well. Many of these allow you to choose from different domain suffixes so it may be worth looking around a bit. Just google free dynamic dns and you will encounter quite a few.
Once you find the correct service for you, create a free account and get signed in, from here you can choose your custom domain name and select a suffix of your choice.  If you want something completely custom, you would then have to purchase your own domain name which is also not crazy expensive but I am telling you about free options for now. (A custom domain would typically only cost you around $5 per month if you don’t find an adequate can always grab one from Siteground or many other providers out there.)
Once you have added your free dynamic address, the service will automatically pick your current ip address and point to where your website is hosted. The issue moving forward is that your internet provider typically changes this address every few days, and so your site will only function for a few days before appearing offline to the outside work. This is where the next steps come in handy.
From here there are just 2 steps left to having a fully accessible website from the net.
1) Setup the dynamic dns updater either on your router or via the provided app
2) Allows traffic to reach your site via your home router.
Once these steps are done, you will be able to finalize your website installation in your ampps platform and your site will be active and ready to get you some views (Explained with download links in my previous Video Tutorial “How to host your own website – completely free)!
For more info or to view the entire walkthrough on adding the Free Domain to your Website, please visit my channel here