Comparisites Review – Dont buy yet!

Comparisites Review

I recently reviewed this innovative product and while an impressive bit of software, can be really powerful combined with some of the right tools to generate leads and traffic. This will help you to capitalize on the work done by the software and help you to generate the passive income that you are looking for. I take you through the product below but be sure to see what’s on offer in order to make this the best online deal this year! For exclusive access to our bundled software and amazing bonuses click here or below and we will be giving away some amazing lead generating products to take Comparisites to the next level. After reading the full comparisites review, be sure to sign up for our subscriber specials and receive access to more great deals weekly. Thanks for visiting!


Comparisites Review

Comparisites creates and hosts fully automated price comparison websites, filled with ANY products you want, and tracks the prices LIVE on many affiliate and product sales websites, such as amazon, wallmart, ebay and a bunch of other e-com platforms, to show site visitors the lowest and best prices for ANY and all products on the internet.

All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate or sales partner on your choice of various e-commerce websites. Comparisites provides a selection of different affiliate programmes for you to choose from, including Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, Target and loads more.

When you get your affiliate ID from each of the e-commerce platforms, all you need to do is add them into Comparisites and the software will help you to do the rest.

Next, simply search for what kind of products you want to add to your site. For example you could fill your site with the latest Apple products, or you could dedicate your site to trainers or shoes from different brands… you can create your comparison site about any kind of product that you want.

All you need to do is find the products you want on Amazon or other e-commerce website, then copy and paste the URL. Once you’ve added all the products you want on your site, click a button and that’s it, you’re done!

Comparisites creates, hosts and streamlines an entire price comparison website for you filled with your chosen products.

The intelligent software grabs all the titles, descriptions, customer reviews, images, and all the other info you could want on your chosen products, and automatically adds it into your site without you doing a thing.

Now here’s where it gets really clever. The price of the product on every one of your selected e-commerce platforms is shown LIVE on your site, updated in real-time.

So every time someone visits your site they can see exactly where the to find the best deal in order to buy their favourite products online.

Even better, is that each time someone clicks to buy through your site, your affiliate link is automatically added for you and so you get full credit for the sale, from the relevant affiliate program and cash in big time as an affiliate!

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