Xmas Commission Bundle – Huge Value with this product!

The Xmas Commission Bundle – Better than it sounds!

This year has been tough for business. Consumers are spending less, the online competition has blown up and buyer demand is shifting. It is very possible that you are in a position now where you are struggling to make money or progress in your online business. If this is the case, carry on reading my Xmas Comission Bundle review and learn about what this awesome product has to offer.

Xmas Commission Bundle ReviewTaking the points above into consideration, Xmas Commission Bundle is launching as a top affiliate marketing product and at an extremely attractive price. You can get these top 15 best-selling software products for the price of one. It is without a doubt a fantastic bundle that will help you to understand what it is currently working in the affiliate industry and to learn about those tools that can take your business to a different level in the new year.

Let me tell you a bit more about all the great products included in this Xmas Commission Bundle:

  • Commission Shortcut: You will be able to create your very own Top-converting Bonuses and Campaigns.
  • DigiProduct Lab: Create your own digital brand & products quickly and easily.
  • Commission Funnels: Generate affiliate funnels that will make offers more attractive to your customers. Generate Upsell/Down-sell funnels and don’t miss a sale.
  • DigiFunnel Lab: Take advantage of this software that offers DFY products, automated funnels and list building.
  • HighTechHijack: Learn how to use this method that will allow you to create top-converting offers that will generate exciting sales for you.
  • Freebie Commissions: This app includes free products which you can offer to your potential buyers for free. Give them a little push so they can make up their minds.
  • AffiliSites PRO: Time to build your own review sites easily and quickly with this app.
  • Commission Replicator: Replicate successful affiliate campaigns and start earning high profits yourself.
  • Recurring Profit Machine: Earning a recurring and passive income is a reality and not a dream. Building buyer’s lists and a strong social following are key. This app will teach you how.
  • Giveaway Profits: No one says no to a freebie, right? Generate Commissions with attractive Giveaways.
  • CB Profit Sites: Grab your DFY affiliate review site with this exclusive app.
  • TubeSiphon: This app will allow you to generate sales through other people’s videos.
  • Magic Funnels: Earning daily commissions is possible generating your own automated funnels.
  • Big Ticket Commissions: This fantastic app will turn targeted buyer traffic into commissions of up to 4 figures.
  • Triple Traffic Bots: Use this 3-in-1 Traffic System and increase your profits in any niche.

Checkout my full video review for a sneak peak of the product and special access for deals and bonuses within the next 24 hours!

All products mentioned above are great, highly recommended, and essential to survive in the current affiliate game. I feel, however, that Xmas Commission Bundle could have done with a couple of extra modules about how to generate high volume traffic organically and how to build your very own list of buyers.

This is why, I have included a couple of bonuses you will be able to access when purchasing Xmas Commission Bundle via my link or the button below. These are all free and will set you ahead of the game.

Xmas Commission Bundle Review

Tagget Review – Dont buy until you read this!

Tagget Review – The First and Only Fully Integrated Marketing Platform

The current Covid-19 pandemic has affected the population and businesses in many ways. Our freedom of movement has been restricted and we are facing a few challenges to meet face to face with friends, family or customers as often as we used to or how we used to. With all this in mind, Tagget was born.

Tagget Product ReviewTagget understands the challenges that businesses are currently facing. Selling to customers face to face has become more difficult so it is important to be up to speed with the use of the marketing channels available. The question is, which channels are the most advisable or which one will bring more profit to your business? The answer is simple… ALL OF THEM!
Nowadays, customers use many different marketing channels in daily basis. It is important for businesses to make use of the resources available to engage with their potential and existing customers online and in the fastest and best possible ways.


Tagget is a great revolutionary software that will allow businesses to engage, interact and profit better. This software is the first 5-in-1 Marketing Platform available in the market and offer endless possibilities which businesses cannot miss:

  • Create email broadcasts
  • Deliver instant text messages
  • Engage in WhatssApp chats
  • Allow your online customers to launch calls from the website
  • Deliver voicemails in seconds
  • Create engaging video story widgets

Take a quick look at the demo video to view the full potential of TAGGET:

You can now purchase Tagget following my link and start enjoying its great benefits and results for your very own business or you could acquire this software and become a reseller. Make use of it as your own agency selling the full range of online marketing services that all businesses are hungry for.
On top of that, don’t miss out on the fantastic bonuses available with the purchase of Tagget today.

A Great package on how to create traffic, increase and maintain it. All in all… A great Win!

Thank you for checking out our tagget review. To get your hands on the product as well as our special bonuses, click the button below:


Tagget Bonus

Lion Leads Review – Is it a game-changer?

Lion Leads Review – A Lead-Generation Game Changer?

We all know that generating new leads is like finding gold for any business. Leads give businesses a great opportunity to find new customers, who are showing interest in their products or services, and to be able to have a more engaging marketing relationship with them. Lion Leads is a lead generating tutorial which will assist your business today at increasing the volume of leads.

There are a few autoresponder services already available in the market which play an important role in the generation of new leads. Lion Leads will educate you on these services and how to implement them successfully.

All this sounds great and promising but there are two key things which I consider important and seem to have been overlooked in this tutorial. Therefore, I have included a couple of bonuses which you will receive for free if you purchase Lion Leads through my link.

Lion Leads ReviewFirst of all, as a new business, you might not have your own web page yet. If this is the case, how are you going to embed your lead generating landing pages? Good news! I have included a top, completely free bonus on how to create a WordPress Page easily and without a headache if you decide to purchase the Lion Leads product.

Secondly, a website is nothing without traffic. And let me tell you… With no traffic coming through to your site, you will struggle to generate leads. So, I have added a powerful tutorial which will teach you how to generate traffic and how to take it to amazing and profitable volume levels.

Lion Leads will help you to start generating valuable, good quality leads in no time. This tutorial is a great opportunity for you to invest very little money and time while achieving great results for your business.

Watch my Lion Leads review video below and subscribe to my channel for reviews on many more marketing products and software.

Alternatively click below to view the product Sales Page and get access to all our bonuses!

Lion Leads Bonus

LezBankz Review – Is this product any different?

Watch our Video Review here or read our Blog below:


LezBankz Review – Is this a Must Have for Affiliate & Online Marketing?

As an affiliate, I come across a wide range of products and software to potentially review on a weekly basis. Truth be told, I do not always like what I see, and I do not always believe in what I am presented with. However, there is something quite exciting about the LezBankz review.

LezBankz is a premium tutorial by Jono Armstrong, the affiliate marketing mogul and his affiliate partner Brandson. They have put their knowledge, skills and experience together to come up with this training and are targeting the potential customers out there looking for a way to make money online and achieve a monthly income digitally.

If you have no idea who he is, do yourself a favor and google the name. Jono has managed to build an incredible reputation within the affiliate marketing industry and his years of experience and knowledge are invaluable.LezBanks Review Product

What makes this course different to all the others out there you ask? The Lezbankz product is focused largely on recurring income, and tapping into products with continued growth and marketability, enabling you to build up passive income by utilizing a set and forget approach. If done right, this can be extremely valuable and lucrative.

Is it not everyone’s dream to have freedom of time, movement, and financial freedom? If that is You… LezBankz might just be the first step towards your walk to freedom.

The course itself gives great insights, but focuses largely on the approach, rather than the specifics of setting all of this up. While all 9 Modules and Vendor Bonuses integrated into this training are decent, and will provide value for most online affiliates and internet marketers, the most exciting part when purchasing LezBankz is most likely the three live webinars that Jono Armstrong will be running himself. This, included with some handpicked bonuses that we’ve added will make for a solid foundation for tapping into this under-utilized marketing goldmine.

The hour and a half webinar will be, without a doubt, an eye opener filled with golden nuggets of trade secrets and insider tips. You will learn quickly how to succeed in this competitive yet rewarding industry; If done right though, there is great potential to make decent money and to reach your lifestyle dreams.

Just a quick reminder, the LezBankz webinars must be pre-booked as soon as you purchase your training. The space is limited, only the first 500 seats booked will get a slot so I suggest you get in early. They will run over a three day period and various times to ensure that everyone finds availability that is suitable dependent on geographic location etc.

If you are interested in this product, click on the link below to get more info or click here to watch our youtube “LezBankz Review”. If you do decide to purchase, I am going to throw in three fantastic bonuses to complete this package and give you the tools necessary to become an  online marketing powerhouse! To get these, just proceed through the steps via the link below or from our youtube channel and these will be loaded into your account automatically (Further instructions will be available on the purchase page as well)

All in all, this product is a great addition to the Affiliate World! Click below to find out more…

Lez Banks ReviewThank you for reading my review! To check out some of our other product reviews click here or to subscribe for weekly offers & bonuses, sign up here.

Mightee Review – Dont Miss out on this Awesome Product

Mightee Awesome Product and Mighty Review. What an amazing deal from this vendor as well. In a nut-shell, this software allows you to create amazing competitions with amazing user engagement within a couple of minutes. Its very slick, very simple to use yet packed with loads of features and customizations. Bonuses include over a 100 titles that can be re-sold or used for bonus pre-packaging without any infringement. My specific bonuses incorporate an in-dpeth WordPress, Seo, Social Media and traffic driving pack that will complete this deal to make you a marketing powerhouse. Check our the link below for full info and act fast as this will only be around for another day or so. Thank you for checking out my website and be sure to watch my review video below!

Grab your bonuses here: BONUS PAGE

Mightee Awesome Review


My in depth blog review will follow soon. In the meantime please check out my full mightee review (on youtube below! Alternatively click here to watch: MIGHTEE YOUTUBE REVIEW



Mightee Bonus

Brandify Review – Dont buy until you’ve read this!

Brandify Review – The good and the bad!

Building a strong New Brand in a saturated market is possible with Brandify

If you are the proud founder of a new brand or a fairly young brand, Brandify is the premium tutorial you are looking for. Not only that! It is a must see for anyone with a business who is looking for ways to adjust to the current times. This Brandify Review takes you through the ins and outs of this interesting product.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been, so far, a year to cross off our calendars and a time to erase from our memories. However, it has brought new opportunities for some businesses. The pandemic increased internet usage massively and many people have decided to try to make money online.

Brandify Scam

Brandify has been designed to help new companies find their way in a market with plenty of competition and too many resources. Our competitors have probably been running for long time and they have enough money by now to invest in their businesses and carry on growing them.

For the startup businesses, big investments are not always possible. However, Brandify will show you that building a trusted and respected name is possible without big bucks. If you think of reputable brands, you will notice that a good reputation and a solid strategy have been key in their prosperity and success. This can only be achieved when the foundations of a new business are strong. Don’t try to get your business running before you have provided the first solid steps needed.

If you are keen on joining this marketing strategy tutorial, you will be thrilled to know that Brandify includes some other awesome packages.  The Brandify Review youtube link below will explain all of this in much greater detail so click on the link below.

You will learn how to monetize your brand through top class videos that you will use in youtube campaigns and you will be given access to a Facebook community where you can network and receive great advice from other marketers like you.

On top of that, purchasing Brandify through this link, you will get access to some other packages which focus on building solid marketing strategies and increasing brand awareness and profitability through Facebook.

Kick off your company with a strong marketing strategy that will put you ahead of the game. Join Brandify today.

Brandify Review Access

Comparisites Review – Dont buy yet!

Comparisites Review

I recently reviewed this innovative product and while an impressive bit of software, can be really powerful combined with some of the right tools to generate leads and traffic. This will help you to capitalize on the work done by the software and help you to generate the passive income that you are looking for. I take you through the product below but be sure to see what’s on offer in order to make this the best online deal this year! For exclusive access to our bundled software and amazing bonuses click here or below and we will be giving away some amazing lead generating products to take Comparisites to the next level. After reading the full comparisites review, be sure to sign up for our subscriber specials and receive access to more great deals weekly. Thanks for visiting!


Comparisites Review

Comparisites creates and hosts fully automated price comparison websites, filled with ANY products you want, and tracks the prices LIVE on many affiliate and product sales websites, such as amazon, wallmart, ebay and a bunch of other e-com platforms, to show site visitors the lowest and best prices for ANY and all products on the internet.

All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate or sales partner on your choice of various e-commerce websites. Comparisites provides a selection of different affiliate programmes for you to choose from, including Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, Target and loads more.

When you get your affiliate ID from each of the e-commerce platforms, all you need to do is add them into Comparisites and the software will help you to do the rest.

Next, simply search for what kind of products you want to add to your site. For example you could fill your site with the latest Apple products, or you could dedicate your site to trainers or shoes from different brands… you can create your comparison site about any kind of product that you want.

All you need to do is find the products you want on Amazon or other e-commerce website, then copy and paste the URL. Once you’ve added all the products you want on your site, click a button and that’s it, you’re done!

Comparisites creates, hosts and streamlines an entire price comparison website for you filled with your chosen products.

The intelligent software grabs all the titles, descriptions, customer reviews, images, and all the other info you could want on your chosen products, and automatically adds it into your site without you doing a thing.

Now here’s where it gets really clever. The price of the product on every one of your selected e-commerce platforms is shown LIVE on your site, updated in real-time.

So every time someone visits your site they can see exactly where the to find the best deal in order to buy their favourite products online.

Even better, is that each time someone clicks to buy through your site, your affiliate link is automatically added for you and so you get full credit for the sale, from the relevant affiliate program and cash in big time as an affiliate!

To get this product and qualify for a special discount, click the button below:

Comparisites Bonus

If you enjoyed this comparisites review, click here or visit my youtube channel and get live demos and previews of more awesome products!

Easy Pro Azon Review – Read This Before Buying!

Easy Pro Azon Review – Easy Pro Azon is the latest in revolutionary products from this product range and is poised to change the game where amazon reviews are concerned. Keep reading and take a look at our my in-depth video review to get a full view of what this product has to offer. To start with, expect a product that changes the way that you approach your Amazon e-commerce platform and save countless hours from this automated system.

Whats more, I will be adding in some amazing bonus content to not only create your pages in an instant, but acquire the traffic to give your sales pages the boost that they deserve and pull in instant sales. Read below for more info and click on the below links for great deals and unparalleled value with this product.

Honest Easy Pro Azon Review

Easy Pro Azon is the latest Easy Pro web based software that makes it super simple to create a video and text based review page for almost any Amazon product.

You will be able to Create added value review pages with your associate links embedded and your own visual product ratings.

This product is specially designed to integrate easy add-ons to your existing Amazon approved WP blog or any other website format.

Build a massive online presence of high converting review pages for your Amazon product niche.

You will gain the ability to create unlimited review pages for unlimited products and categories. Watch my full in-depth review below.

To Purchase with my custom bonuses, click the link below for instant access. Feel free to watch both review videos so you can see exactly how the product functions and for all the amazing extras that you will recieve by buying through my sight. All of this can be yours for as little as $17. Click the link now for more info

Be aware, all bonuses are only available for a limited period so don’t miss out!Easy Pro Azon Access



To look at product pricing and for the best deals on this product, click the link below for instant access or here to go direct to our sales page!Easy Pro Azon Access



Product Review – Honest Product Reviews & Great Deals

Product Review Portal

Ministry of Freedom Review – Is it a scam?

Ministry of Freedom Review – My journey!

I recently purchased this Jono Armstrong course after being bombarded with youtube ads and eventually succumbing to the sales glitz and big promises. I am typically very skeptical about any of these products and so before I purchased anything, I searched High and Low for an honest review to see if my money would be well spent or whether or not this was just another money making scheme, pushing me to part with my heard earned cash. As hard as I tried, I could barely find anything negative which is a first, the worst being a 3 star rating from someone who seemed to be disgruntled over a technical issue. Whats more, everyone I engaged with via youtube reviews or other sources, had amazing things to say and raved about both the service received as well as the course itself. Some of the more negative feedback being that it took longer to earn back their dough than expected but ultimately, had become profitable in a reasonable amount of time. I eventually took the plunge and purchased the product.

Ministry of Freedom Scam

First impressions were positive and for the most part, Jono Armstrong appears to be extremely open and honest about everything. His natural and almost “flawed” approach provides comfort in the knowledge that he is just like you and me, and not some rock star milking the masses out of an honest living.

The next noteworthy discovery is the sheer abundance of support and community involved with this course, to the extent that you feel as if you are now part of the inner circle and part of a community of like-minded individuals (even though almost everyone is from a completely different walk of life). Unlike other products that I have tried, support was available at all times, this includes random times at odd hours, and over weekends when the support channels are supposedly closed.

When first purchasing, I felt as though I was spending too much of my hard-earned money and that I was taking a huge risk. After a day however, I realized that I had received great value, even if I made no money back directly through the course itself. This is because of the fact that you will be learning so much in real-world value, providing you with the knowledge & tools to make money in so many ways, not just through the suggested methods. If you consider how much a 3 year university course will set you back (or even 1 Year), this course is a fraction of the cost, and combines the experience and tutorship of many marketing Guru’s who have learnt these things the hard way. This is all pre-packaged and delivered to you to absorb in a matter of months.

This leads me to one small criticism: With certain parts of the course I found that the  organization of the media and workflows could occasionally be better and clearer. This is a however mostly due to the sheer abundance of information packaged in the product and is understandable to an extent.

Overall, I Ministry of Freedom Reviewhave been super impressed and feel that it has been money well spent, opening up doors and opportunities that I did not even consider previously. Be warned though, you will most-likely not be sitting on a beach earning tens of thousands of dollars in the first few months, to get there will take plenty of hard work and dedication, but its definitely do-able. If you do have the right mindset and work ethic, I would definitely recommend the course, especially if you are looking to make some changes to your life and create new opportunities for yourself. You will need to work hard, but like me, I am sure you will enjoy every second of the journey!

Thank you for reading my Ministry of Freedom Review.  If you do decide to purchase or take a look at the course, you can do so through the link below.

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