Ministry of Freedom – Is it the Real Deal?

Is the Ministry of Freedom Course a Scam? (The Course by Jono Armstrong)

Ministry of Freedom ReviewThis question currently plagues the forums and review boards. While this is understandable due to the nature and magnitude of its claims, I had to find this out for myself. As a complete skeptic, I searched high and low for answers and they came at a price!

I came across one of the romanticized YouTube ads by Jono Armstrong during an average November evening. I was intrigued by the bold claims and decided to see how much of it was true. If you haven’t seen one of these ads, you can see what its all about from the video below. You can also sign up here and watch one of his free webinars giving some insights into the product itself.

If you aren’t able to view these now, the summary is as follows: Earn tens of thousands of dollars over the next few months and create the lifestyle of freedom that you’ve always wanted! Sounds too good to be true right! I thought so too..

I investigated further, watched a bunch of sponsored reviews and searched high and low for information, only to come to the conclusion that no-one, anywhere, could confirm anything bad about the course, or founder, Jono Armstrong. When I did find anything mildly negative, I also found quick rebuttals and genuine support attempts to remedy any displeasure. “Is the Ministry of Freedom course the real deal” I found myself asking..

Whether out of desperation for change, or falling for the glitsy lifestyle dreams, I took the plunge and parted with my hard-earned money and purchased the course. (Maybe it was just curiosity?).

I was in for a big surprise! After signing in, I entered a world that I hadn’t encountered before. I felt as if I had joined the inner circle and was now part of a group of elite gate-keepers for the online “lifestyle” Guru’s.. A world that instantly opens doors to underground markets and new ways to game the masses. It’s as if I was a sheep on the other side before, and the veil had finally been lifted.

Entering the Ministry of Freedom portal for the first time provides you with access to the entire course. You are welcomed with a video by Jono himself and you realize instantly that your life is about to change. The intro begins by mentally preparing you for the road ahead and explains what is to come, emphasizing the magnitude of the step that you have just taken towards a brighter future.

Browsing further through the modules, highlights the sheer quantity of information that is about to be imparted on you. This is extremely overwhelming initially and it takes a moment to catch your breath. Jono’s mental preparation quickly puts your mind at ease and helps you to realize that you are not alone. He calmly explains how to just take things “one step at a time” which is obvious, but displays his level of empathy and understanding which you will come to hugely appreciate as you progress down the rabbit hole.

Next you will find yourself in the “MOF” Facebook group, full of like-minded individuals, albeit from various cultures and walks of life. Surprisingly, this alone provides you with untold value, and the community support is unbelievably hands-on and vast.

Another surprise is the level of support from both Jono and his team of Guru’s with specialists in multiple arenas. Their hands-on approach gives even more value and the sense that you are in good hands. You can typically get assistance at any time of any day! This on its own, is testament to the quality of the product.

As a whole, the course teaches you skills that can aid you in just about any business. Whether you are marketing yourself, a brand, or just about anything you can think of. While the course is by no means cheap, ask yourself what a university course would cost you, whether 1 year or longer. Not only that but will the course offer any guarantees or provide hands-on assistance to help you to earn that expense back?  This course does and genuinely provides you with with the tools to generate future wealth. This seems to put the cost factor into perspective. The only deception being the ease of it all. While you can have the lifestyle Jono portrays, this will take plenty of work, at least initially. Put in the time and effort and you WILL change your life! I have, and its only the beginning for me.

Many of the reviews out there are offering bonuses and shiny incentives. You wont find that here, all I offer you is the truth.. (Morpheus – 1999 ). If you would like to take a further look at the Ministry of Freedom, and possibly change your life forever, click the link below, watch the webinars and at least make an informed decision. Thank you for reading!

Ministry of Freedom Scam

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